Festivals of Tinos

The discovery of the holy icon of the Virgin Mary - Fanarakia (January 30)

On January 30, one of the most famous festivals of Tinos, Fanarakia, takes place. On that date, the anniversary of the discovery of the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary is celebrated. Fanarakia involves a torchlight procession which was established on the day the miraculous icon was found during excavations. The torchlight procession goes through the streets of Chora and ends at the port, where fireworks from the moored ships create a festive atmosphere.

Evangelismos (The Annunciation)

The 25th of March is a celebratory day for the church of Panagia of Tinos or Evangelistria. The pilgrimage to this church is the most important one for Orthodox Christians in Greece and is famous all around the globe. On that day, litanies and other religious ceremonies are held, combined with patriotic celebrations due to the anniversary of the Greek Independence Day on the same day. On March 25, thousands of people visit the island for the pilgrimage to the church of Panagia.

The festival of Kardiani (on Easter Monday)

On Easter Monday, a celebration is held at Kardiani. The festivals in this beautiful village of Tinos are a perfect example of what a festival of a Cycladic island should be like. There is dancing, music, celebrations that start early in the day and, of course, great food and Easter delicacies, a combination that is common in many famous Tinian customs.

The Lakotiani festival at Isternia (on Low Sunday)

On Low Sunday, in the morning, the Lakotiani mass is held in the church of the village of Isternia. The mass is followed by food and feasting, with traditional meat soup as specialty for the day. On that day, one of the most beautiful customs, Rodaria, takes place. After the meal, the attendees nail a flower or a small gift on the fork they have used for eating and offer it to a beloved one, either a friend or a relative. This custom is a remnant of the ancient Greek Anthesteria celebration.

The Festival at Panagia in Vryssi (on May Day)

On this day, people visit the Catholic Monastery of Panagia Vryssiotissa to pay their respects and an outdoor church mass is held. A procession of the icon of Panagia Vryssiotissa starts from the village of Tarambados, with the devotees singing religious hymns to honor the Virgin Mary. After the mass, the motorcade vehicles line up on both sides of the street to get blessed by the priest with holy water.
The Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Dekapentavgoustos - August 15)

Dekapentavgoustos is one of the greatest Christian holidays for the whole Orthodox world. This is a day of great importance and the biggest celebration for Tinos, as it is the anniversary of both the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the torpedoing of the warship “Elli”. This is a very prestigious celebration and thousands of religious people visit the island during this period to honor the Virgin Mary.

Tinos Festival

Tinos Festival is a prestigious event for Tinos and the Cyclades that has been taking place many years now. Every year, through concerts, theatrical plays, exhibitions and other events featuring renowned artists and performers, Tinos Festival promises a unique experience to those who choose to attend it. These events succeed in highlighting the majestic beauty of Tinos and the rich cultural heritage of the island.

Other important Festivals of Tinos include:
The Vourniotissa festival (September 24)
The Agia Varvara festival in Smovolos (December 4)
The Tripotamos festival (on Christmas Day)
The Ktikados festival (on Easter Monday)
The Festival at Panagia in Vryssi (on May Day)
The Agia Paraskevi festival in Karaboussa (July 26)
The Kyra Xeni festival (August 23)