Tinos features someof the most beautiful villages in the Cyclades which are definitely worth a visit. There are 48 Tinian villages in total. Picturesque, with traditional cobbled alleys and unique architecture, the villages of Tinos are famous for their beauty. Certainly, it is difficult to see them all in one visit, so we have prepared a list of our favorite and most distinctive villages of Tinos. If this is your first time on the island or you are planning your next trip to Tinos, this list will come really handy to you.


The village of Isternia is 18 km away from Chora and is the location of Ydrousa Tinos.Isternia is built amphitheatrically on the slope of Meroviglia, offering a unique panoramic view to the Aegean Sea and the neighboring islands. Apart from the magnificent view, this village is also well known for the great food. There, you will find delicious appetizers and tasty traditional dishes. During your visit to Isternia, make sure you visit the ruins of the picturesque preserved windmills located in the west of the settlement, which are typical examples of folk art. Also, you should pay a visit to the Museum of Artists from Isternia, where works of local artists are exhibited.



Pyrgos is one of the most beautiful villages not only of Tinos but also of the Cyclades. It is 23 km away from Chora and you can easily get there by bus or car in just 35 minutes. Pyrgos has been a leading artistic center of the island and the birthplace of many Greek artists. During your visit to the village, make sure you take a walk in the traditional stone-paved alleys and the marble square of the village. On this square, there is a very distinctive plane tree, as well as a traditional marble fountain. A visit to the open-air museum of folk art, the Yiannoulis Halepas Museum and the village cemetery with the impressive marble masterpieces is also a must.



The village of Falatados is the second largest village of Tinos and is only 11 km away from Chora. You can get there by car in just 20 minutes, while there are also bus departures from Chora. The village of Falatados is best known for the raki and the excellent wines produced there. During your visit, tour the picturesque cobbled alleys of the village and the impressive church of Agia Triada, as well as the church museum of the village.



Kardiani is one of the most beautiful Tinian villages. Built on the Pateles slope, the village offers a unique panoramic view. Take a walk in the traditional stone-paved alleys of the village and admire the lovely houses of special architecture with their yards full of flowers. Kardiani is a verdant village through which a small river flows. It also has many springs with beautiful traditional fountains. Kardiani is 14 km away from Chora and you can easily access it by car.


Volax or Volakas

Volax or Volakas is one of the most distinctive villages of Tinos, a wonder of nature definitely worth visiting. It is located in the center of the island, at a distance of 11 km from Chora. The huge granite rocks scattered around the village give an impressive spectacle that will leave you in awe. In a lunar landscape of eerie beauty, the picturesque village of Volax stands out. Take a tour of the traditional Cycladic village, meet the local basket weavers and pay a visit to the Folklore Museum there.



The village of Agapi, at a distance of almost 15 km away from Chora, is one of the oldest villages on the island. During medieval times, it was also known as Perasma, meaning “passage”, as it led to the then capital of Tinos. It is a small, verdant village of traditional Cycladic architecture. Roam the picturesque alleys and discover the famous dovecotes and the bridges of the village of Agapi.



The village of Panormos is located on the northeastern side of the island, 22 km away from Chora. It is a fishing village, where you can find traditional fish taverns with tasty delicacies. The port of the village used to be an important trade center until the early ‘60s. Opposite Panormos, you can see the Planitis rocky islet, at the top of which a ruined lighthouse -a protected monument- stands.


Dyo Choria

Dyo Choria is built on a slope of Kechrovouni, at an altitude of 380 meters above sea level, and is 9 km away from Chora. There used to be two distinct villages which were later merged to form a single verdant village with a majestic view of the Aegean Sea and the neighboring islands. Wandering the picturesque alleys and making a stop at the central square is a must. On the square, you can enjoy your coffee under the shade of the plane trees, with a picturesque background of traditional fountains and cobbled alleys.