Tinos: How to get there?


How can you get to Tinos? Are you planning a trip to the amazing island of Tinos? Tinos is the third largest island in the Cyclades. It is an island full of surprises that combines beautiful beaches, vibrant life and religious tradition. Organize your next trip to Tinos starting from the basics, that is, your transfer to this beautiful Cycladic island. The following information will definitely help you choose the best way according to your specific needs.


Piraeus - Tinos


If you are in Athens, things are quite easy for you, seeing that there are multiple alternatives and you will definitely have no hard time choosing the best one for you. There are daily departures from the port of Piraeus to Tinos.The departure time of every ship changes according to the day and season of the year. During summer months, the departures double in number. 

If you want a short trip by ship, choose the high-speed ferry, which travels from Piraeus to Tinos in just 2.5-3 hours. If, however, you are on a limited budget or would just prefer to enjoy the trip, choose a normal ferry which will take you to the port of Tinos in about 5-7 hours. Of course, the duration of your trip will also depend on the number of ports of call.

The port of Piraeus is a great choice if you live in the southern suburbs of Athens, but this is not the case for those living in the northern ones. Your trip to Piraeus can be a rather unpleasant experience due to the traffic, especially if your ship departs early in the morning. If you live near Kifissia, Pallini or Chalandri, opt for travelling to Tinos by ship from the port of Rafina.There are daily departures to the port of Tinos, including the island of Andros as a port of call.


Does your trip start from a place in mainland Greece?


If you take off from some place in mainland Greece, thingscan be slightly more complicated for you. You will need to head to Athens by car or a KTEL bus first and then take the ferry to Tinos from there.


Does your trip start from a Greek island?


If you are a permanent resident of an island or you are just planning a Greek-island tour and you want to visit Tinos, you may do so without having to stop by Athens. During summer months, due to the increase in passenger traffic, there are daily departures of ferries to Tinos from the ports of Naxos, Mykonos and Andros.


Can you travel to Tinos by plane?


Unfortunately, there is no airport on Tinos,which means that the fastest way of traveling there is by ship. Alternatively, there are some neighboring islands, like Mykonos and Syros, which do have an airport with direct flights from Athens airport. After arriving at one of those airports, you can take the ferry to Tinos, in which case you will have avoided a rather long trip by ferry.