09 June 2021

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10 + 1 things to do in Tinos

The is the Cycladic islandmost associated with Christian tradition and faith. Yet, it has a lot more to offer. Among other things, in Tinosyou will come across majestic beaches, wonderful natural landscapes and some of the loveliest and most picturesque villages in Greece. We have prepared a list with some of the things you should not miss during your visit to the island.

Explore the picturesque villages

There are more than 45 villages in Tinos, all of which are picturesque and great examples of traditional beauty and Cycladic architecture. The villages of Tinos, fishing villages built on hills or at the foot of mountains, are sure to impress you. Enjoy a magnificent view to the Aegean Sea from the village of Isternia, tour Pyrgos, the artistic center of Tinos, or enjoy fine delicacies in the fish taverns of Panormos.

Taste the local cuisine

During your visit to the island, you should definitely try the local cuisine. The Tinian capers,along with the famous cold cuts and dairy products of the island, will be hard to forget. Try the mizithra cheese or the kopanisti soft cheese of Tinos,, local sausages and the traditional honey produced on the island.

Discover the majestic beaches of Tinos

In Tinos, there are beaches suitable for every taste, including organized and cosmopolitan ones, secluded and alternative ones and beaches ideal for families with children. Enjoy swimming at the famous beach of Agios Sostis or the beach of Livada with the unique wild beauty. If you are a water-sport lover,you should choose Kolimbithra, whereas Pachia Ammos is ideal for those seeking relaxation and tranquility..

Taste the refreshing “Nisos” beer

Enjoy the famous “Nisos” beer!If you are a fan of great beer, don’t forget to take part in a tour of the traditional brewery. The tour includes tasting of 4 beer types at a cost of only €6 / person.

Volax: a lunar landscape on Tinos

Visit the majestic village of Volax with the impressive granite rocks.The huge rocks around the village are quite a spectacle, sparking the interest of the visitors. This lunar landscape of eerie beauty on Tinos could not have been excluded from this list!

Climbing the rock of Exomvourgo

If you are a fan of extreme sports, the island of Tinos will certainly not disappoint you. Climbing the impressive rock of Exomvourgo is highly recommended. In 2007, a climbing field was created on the steep side of Exomvourgo. The rock is made entirely of high-quality granite and the view from the top is absolutely stunning.

Visit the Museum of Traditional Pottery of Tinos

The Museum of Traditional Pottery of Tinos was founded in 2009 in the area of ​​Aetofolia. Until 1960, Aetofolia was the center of pottery activity on the island. In the museum, clay jars and household objects such as vases are exhibited.

Discover the famous dovecotes

One of the most special attractions of Tinos is the dovecotes scattered in every corner of the island. The breeding and export of pigeons was the main commercial activity of the island for many years. There are more than 600 dovecotes all around Tinos and they are now considered unique monuments of folk art.


Make a stop at the Ursuline Monastery

The Ursuline Monastery in Tinos was founded in 1862 by Maria-Anna Livs. The first Ursuline nuns arrived in Tinos in 1704. In the complex of the Ursuline School, there were, among others, dormitories for the students, a reading room and a library. Today, at the premises of the School, the folklore museum of Kato Meri and the Primary School of the village are housed. In the garden of the complex, cultural events -part of the Festival of the municipality of Exomvourgo- take place in summer.


Visit the Museum of Marble Crafts

During your visit to the picturesque village of Pyrgos,make sure you pay a visit to the Museum of Marble Crafts.There, you will see a permanent collection of marble exhibits such as jewelry and tools. Among other things, you can learn more on the technology used for processing the marble, a material that has held a central role in Greek architecture for a long time.


Explore the paths of the island

Explore the paths of Tinos and discover the natural beauty of the island. If you enjoy hiking, Tinos features many trails involving a wide variety of alternating natural landscapes to explore.

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