04 June 2021

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Tinos is a beautiful island, located in the northern part of the Cyclades. If you are looking for a combination of relaxing holidays and compelling experiences, Tinos is the ideal destination for you. The island stands out for the picturesque villages and impressive landscapes you can enjoy, but at the same time, it is full of experiences and activities that will be etched on your memory forever. Apart from the traditional festivities,many festivals also take place in Tinos every summer, so you are in for some unforgettable moments.




Tinos has a network of hiking trails that extends over 150 km. Through various trails, you can discover the captivating and wild beauty of Tinos. There are hiking trails ideal for both experienced hikers and beginners, as the trails are divided into different categories.


The easiest trails are the following:


  • M1 Steni - Karya - Exomvourgo - Steni: an easy trail around the fertile plateau of Livaderi (child-friendly trail).
  • M2 Volax - Falatados - Myrsini - Volax: this trail is of high geological interest, as it extends along the dividing line of two completely different geological landscapes (child-friendly trail).
  • M3 Myrsini - Livada Bay: M3 trail is considered by many the most impressive trail in Tinos, seeing that it starts from the village of Myrsini and descends to the sea (child-friendly trail).
  • M4 Volax - Agapi - Perastra - Exomvourgo - Volax: M4 trail is a circular route including most points of interest in Kato Meri.
  • M5 Kalloni - Aetofolia - Kalloni: this trail starts from the well-preserved settlement of Kalloni and goes through the villages of this area (child-friendly trail).
  • E2 Pyrgos - Panormos - Rohari - Platia - Pyrgos: E2 trail is a circular route, starting from Pyrgos, and is ideal for exploring the area (child-friendly trail).


The most challenging trails are the following:


  • T1 Chora - Exomvourgo - Mountados - Chora: T1 trail starts from Chora and goes through some of the most famous points of interest of Tinos.
  • T2 Agios Ioannis Porto - Dyo Choria - Agios Sostis - Agios Ioannis Porto: T2 trail connects the sea (Agios Ioannis Porto) with the two highest villages in Tinos, that is, Arnados and Dyo Choria.
  • T3 Potamia - Lychnaftia - Potamia: T3 trail connects the Potamia settlement with Lychnaftia beach.
  • E1 Yiannakis Bay - Kardiani - Isternia - Isternia Bay - Yiannakis Bay: this trail starts from Yiannakis Bay and extends towards Kardiani. Although it is an ascending trail, it is rather comfortable to walk.
  • E3: Pyrgos - Kyra Xeni monastery - Marlas - Mamados - Pyrgos: this trail runs across Pyrgos, descends to Akoubistra -where a coffee shop for the mine workers used to be- and continues towards Kyra Xeni monastery.
  • E4 Mamados - Mali - Koumelas - Marlas - Mamados: this trail starts from Mamados and extends towards Marlas.

Hiking guides are available that can help you explore various aspects of the island. For more information, you can visit tinostrails.


Water Sports


Tinos, like most of the islands of the Aegean Sea, is ideal for wind and water sports. During the summer months with the strong breezes, the island is perfect for wind-surfing and kite-surfing lovers.The best beaches for this are the following:


  • Megali Kolimbithra (you can find a school organizing water sports there)
  • Livada
  • Agios Fokas
  • Kionia
  • Agios Romanos
  • Agios Ioannis


Tinos Running Experience


Every year, the Union of Commerce and Craftsmanship of Tinos organizes Tinos Running Experience“Tinos Running Experience”, a race that has been gaining popularity in Greece and worldwide in the past few years. The tournament includes 21 km, 9.9 km and 4.9 km races, a 900-meter race for children and a 100-meter race for disabled people. This tournament is very important to Tinians and is usually organized in early summer.


Boat trips


Is there any Cycladic island that would not be ideal for boat trips and explorations?Probably not. So is Tinos, another Cycladic destination where you can enjoy unique moments on a boat. You can choose between one-day or multi-day trips. The trip to the caves of Tinos, only accessible by sea, is the highlight of the cruises organized along the Tinian coastlines.


Also, you can go diving or fishing, practice your cooking skills or even go climbing, as Tinos is a popular climbing destination, well-known internationally and especially in Europe.

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